Alternative Dispute Resolution

While I have significant experience litigating matters from inception through trial, I firmly believe in the use — when appropriate in view of the specific circumstances of a given case — of alternative dispute resolution. I have represented claimants and respondents in arbitration proceedings before the American Arbitration Association and before industry-specific tribunals. I am able to take a complex set of facts and boil them down to a logical, coherent and concise presentation in a convincing fashion. This is all the more effective in an informal scenario such as an arbitration proceeding.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorney in West Palm Beach

I have served as an arbitrator and as a special master in connection with discreet issues in state court proceedings. I understand what an arbitrator wants to see in terms of presentation, and this makes me more effective when it comes to obtaining favorable results.

Utilizing Every Method to Resolve Matters Including Mediation

I also strongly believe in the use of mediation when there are parties who are willing to be reasonable, as opposed to those engaging in destructive tactics. Courts increasingly suggest, and in some cases require, the use of mediation at certain stages of a case. If I think it will be productive, I encourage clients to use mediation as an efficient, cost-effective method of resolving disputes.

The Winig Law Firm P.A. knows how to strike a balance between advocating my client's position and knowing when to recommend a specific settlement. My experience, demeanor and the ability to understand each client's case combine, so that when I participate in mediations I am often able to obtain satisfactory resolutions to significant problems under difficult circumstances.

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