Business Litigation

I have decades of experience successfully representing clients in a broad range of business-related disputes, both in and out of court, including:

  • Shareholder/partnership disputes

  • Misappropriation of corporate assets

  • Corporate dissolution and liquidation

  • Petitions for the appointment of receivers and/or custodians

  • Foreclosure of security interests in personal property under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code

  • Pre-suit orders of attachment

  • Obtaining temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions and permanent injunctions

  • Enforcement of confidentiality and non-compete agreements

  • Obtaining pre-judgment writs of replevin

  • Representing lenders and borrowers in commercial mortgage foreclosure

  • Cases of constructive and resulting trust

  • Real estate contract disputes

  • Commercial, multi-unit and residential landlord-tenant litigation

  • Suits to compel specific performance

  • Indemnification and contribution claims

  • Enforcement of promissory note actions

  • Enforcement of post-judgment injunctions and restraining orders

  • Enforcement of final judgments

  • Real estate partition actions

I resolve matters amicably whenever possible and successfully resolve cases through the use of arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques. I have served as an arbitrator, certified mediator and special master. I have consistently distinguished myself by employing creative and cost-effective solutions to complex disputes which result in keeping clients out of court whenever possible.

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