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The process of dissolving a marriage is rarely a simple matter. Divorce involves separating the lives of individuals and assigning rights and responsibilities going forward. I have over 30 years of experience in every facet of family and domestic relations law and as such, have helped clients find answers in divorce litigation and mediation. For knowledgeable and compassionate divorce representation, contact me online or call 561-337-2997.

Florida Divorce Litigation

The end of a marriage is often a time of emotional turmoil and painful adjustments. At The Winig Law Firm, P.A. I use every aspect of my educational background, including training in psychology, sociology, business administration, accounting and philosophy to make the transition easier for my clients. I offer compassionate, empathetic support to protect your peace of mind, and will fiercely protect your legal rights and those of your children to the fullest extent of the law. Whenever possible, it is best to separate the emotional aspects of divorce from the strategic decisions about how to proceed. Litigation can be expensive, stressful and time-consuming. If I can help you reach the same end result without putting you through the Florida family court system that is for the best. In some cases, this is not possible. Complex divorces involving real property, businesses and hard-to-value assets are often difficult to resolve. If the other side is stubborn or unprepared, I may be forced to go to court to protect your interests. If the parties cannot agree on child custody or spousal support, or if there are allegations of domestic violence, it may be necessary to pursue divorce litigation. In these cases, I will provide the strong advocacy and aggressive representation you deserve. Florida requires most issues to be considered in mediation before they will grant the right to a trial. I will make every effort to help you reach a successful conclusion to any dispute at this step. This helps limit the expense to my clients and often leads to more stable and successful relations after the divorce.

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