Domestic Violence

Protecting Your Security and Your Rights in Violent Domestic Situations In Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie County

Defense attoeney for  domestic violence charges

At The Winig Law Firm, P.A., I advise and represent men and women who need to resolve domestic violence problems in family court. If you are the victim of spousal assault or other family violence, you will be fully advised about your options for protecting yourself to the greatest extent possible. If you have been accused of domestic violence, or if you have had an injunction or restraining order entered against you, the firm can advise you about the best ways to answer the charges, present your side of the story, and minimize the consequences of the charges on your interests in a pending divorce or timesharing case. My ability to assist individuals and families with real, alleged or exaggerated domestic abuse issues reflects my long experience with family dynamics and the behavior of people under stress. I handle situations involving:

  • Actual or threatened violence by one spouse or domestic partner against the other

  • Applications for domestic violence injunctions or restraining orders

  • Enforcement of Florida domestic abuse injunctions

  • Impact of domestic violence allegations on child custody interests, parenting plans and timesharing both in divorce and paternity cases

Restraining Orders and Injunctions-Protecting Your Security and Your Rights in Violent Domestic Situations

Whether you need protection in a violent domestic situation or a defense to domestic violence charges, The Winig Law Firm, P.A. can advise you about the best ways to protect your personal security, legal interests and family relationships.Call 561-337-2997 or simply contact me on line to arrange for an initial consultation.

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