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Landlord tenant disputes can quickly escalate into anger and recrimination that needs to be mediated by an experienced attorney. I have substantial experience representing individuals and businesses in a variety of landlord-tenant disputes, including evictions, constructive evictions, mold infestation, and landlord lien cases. These disputes have taken place in a number of different settings, including fitness centers, clothing stores, health spas, art galleries, multi-use properties, and multi and single unit residential properties. My knowledge ability to effectively represent both landlords and tenants derives from a combination of legal knowledge, practical business experience and representing businesses and individuals in this area for decades.

I make the time to meet with each and every client to ensure that I understand the particular dispute, and to understand the client's short and long term goals, before I agree to prosecute or defend any landlord-tenant case. Only once I know the underlying facts that have caused the dispute, and the needs of the client, will I apply those facts to the ever-changing labyrinth of relevant laws, rules and regulations that are unique to landlord-tenant law, and attempt to achieve a client's objectives.

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