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Foreclosure Litigation

Current economic times have resulted in more and more people facing foreclosure. The American dream of home ownership seems to be disappearing as the average person is unable to pay their mortgage. I have been exposed to the foreclosure of mortgages against real property for decades. I have experience representing institutional and private lenders as plaintiffs in commercial foreclosure actions, and private lenders in residential foreclosure actions. I have also defended multiple foreclosure actions. I have a deep understanding of this area of the law, in part due to its relation to other areas of my practice including creditors' rights and business litigation.

Foreclosure Litigation Attorney in Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie County

My foreclosure experience includes representing businesses and individuals in foreclosure proceedings, in addition to representing court appointed receivers in multi-unit commercial, mixed use and residential foreclosure cases. I closely follow the ever-changing substantive and procedural requirements that lenders must comply with to actually win a foreclosure case on its merits. This provides me with cutting edge knowledge that, along with my talent and experience, enables me to provide knowledgeable and effective representation of clients in foreclosure cases.

I pride myself on myself on navigating crowded foreclosure dockets and I have employed strategies which can dramatically alter the time it takes to complete a foreclosure, if doing so is in the best interests of my client. As with all of my clients, I make the time to understand the specific facts of each case, and provide clients with an honest, unbiased view of the potential result when applying the particular facts of their case to the relevant law in this area. I enable clients to make informed decisions based upon a realistic assessment of their circumstances.

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