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Real Estate Transactions

Purchasing a home, business or property, although exciting, can also be a time of severe stress. Terms such as purchase price, purchase offer, counter offer, negotiations, lender’s terms for financing, closing costs, real estate commissions, title policy, legal terms used throughout the paperwork seem like you must be a lawyer to understand. How do I know my contract has no hidden terms? Are the terms of the contract in my best interests? Is the property lien free? Is there a homeowners association with strict covenants that will result in fines if not followed? Who issues the title and what exactly does that entail?

Real Estate Transaction Attorney in West Palm Beach

My understanding of this area of the law is due to its relation to my business litigation practice, finance practice and commercial law practice, as well my direct experience. This provides me with cutting edge knowledge that, along with my talent and experience, enables me to provide knowledgeable and effective representation to either the buyer or seller as they navigate the real estate transaction process.

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