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Shareholder Disputes

People usually - although not always - have the best of intentions when purchasing, selling or investing in a business. Unfortunately, disputes between shareholders of corporations, partners in partnerships and members of limited liability companies happen. Disputes between employees, and former employees, and employers happen as well.

My broad scope of experience in these types of disputes, such as failure to pay some or all of a purchase price, claims of misrepresentation regarding valuation (including income) of a business, claims of changes in operations leading to intentional creation of impossibility of performance as a defense to claims that income was not earned, and the like, combined with my commercial law experience, provides clients with confidence that I know how to enforce their rights in these types of disputes.

I have litigated issues pertaining to alleged breaches of confidentiality provisions, non-compete agreements and interference with contractual relations on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. I have substantial experience obtaining temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions and permanent injunctions in cases when there may be irreparable harm to an owner or to the company. My experience in drafting these provisions in connection with my commercial law practice, combined with my extensive business litigation experience, makes me particularly effective at representing clients who are faced with these circumstances. I understand the reasons why these provisions are in these agreements, I understand how they can affect a client, and as a result I can litigate these issues in a cost-effective manner.

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