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Are You in Need of a West Palm Beach Family Attorney or Divorce Attorney?

I am a veteran of the court. My skills have been battle hardened by a lifetime of practicing law. I care about the outcome of my clients’ cases. I care about my reputation. To me, the two are one and the same. Which is why I approach every case as if it is personal.

I have added family photos to my site to illustrate how, in every sense, this is a “family practice.” They are taken on days important both to myself and this firm. Understand, family is of paramount importance to me.

Everyone walking through our door receives the same respect, fairness, and consideration as a trusted relative.

Family Attorney Experience

40 years of solving problems has made me the perfect solution for yours.

A note from Family Attorney Winig:

Arnold Palmer once joked, “The more I practice, the luckier I get.” Similarly, Einstein once said, “All knowledge comes from experience.” Their point? If you want to be the best, you need experience.

I think we can all agree to that.

It would follow then that if you want to hire the best, you need someone with experience. That said, I have been a practicing family lawyer longer than many attorneys have been alive, and I still maintain the top rating of Superb on AVVO.

In life, we often wish to surround ourselves with the best things. It is a natural human desire, a luxury that some can and some can’t afford. In the case of legal issues, that desire isn’t a luxury. It is a necessity. A necessity you cannot not afford.

You need that experience sitting on your side of the table if you have any hopes of realizing the best possible outcome for your case.

You’ve taken the first step and have begun researching solutions to your problems. That’s good. Take the next step and call me. I have the answers.

West Palm Beach Family Attorney Stephen Winig's personal signature.

You Need My Lifetime of Experience as a West Palm Beach Family Attorney on Your Side

When dealing with legal issues affecting your family, seeking an experienced family attorney is important. A lawyer with comprehensive knowledge of family law can help you make decisions that are best for you and your family. I have a record of resolving family legal issues and divorces with minimal conflict.

An Aggressive Divorce Attorney

The divorce process can be very complex. Divorce is meant to divide the lives of a couple and appoint future duties and liabilities between the two. I have 40 years of knowledge and experience in family law and have assisted clients in solving divorce disputes for many decades. Contact me if you are seeking an experienced Divorce Attorney and want fair representation for your divorce.

Skilled in Child Custody & Child Support

People change. What’s true today may not be true tomorrow. In any divorce, amicable or otherwise, you must take this into account when dividing assets, defining child custody rights, and child support. You need someone on your side of the table that will protect your interests.

My Mission as a Family Attorney is Your Success.

Winig Law specializes in Divorce and Family law, and can handle cases varying from Divorce and alimony, to child custody. If you have questions about your Divorce or other family legal issues, contact our office and we’ll take the first steps to getting your problems resolved.

Every Person Who Walks Through Our Door Is Important To Us.

  1. Childhood pictures from Albany


    To me, time well spent is shaped around the all important “3 F’s” of a life well lived – friends, family, and faith. I’ve taken the time here to illustrate how important family is to me, so you know I appreciate how important yours is to you.

    I handle every case with that knowledge first and foremost in my mind.

    Many of us have humble beginnings. Mine were in beautiful Upstate New York. I was born in Albany in 1957.

  2. My Bar Mitzvah


    My family has always been important to me, and tradition has always been important to my family. This is me, carrying on the torch or tradition, at my Bar Mitzva.

  3. I am an avid baseball fan and think it one of the best sources of family fun.


    I love sports, and there’s no sport like baseball! Go Yankees!

  4. I am a Member of the Florida Bar Association and the Federal District Court for the Southern and Middle Districts of Florida.


    My education started at Union College and Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1975 – 1977. I transitioned to SUNY Albany and earned my Undergraduate degree, cum laude, in May 1979. These photos are from Law School when I earned my Juris Doctorate at the University of New Hampshire in 1983.

    I am a Member of the Florida Bar Association and the Federal District Court for the Southern of Florida.

  5. I was married to my Wife Carol in April of 1990.


    In April of 1990, my life changed for the better with the addition of two of the greatest loves of my life – the love of my life, my wife Carol, and my stepdaughter Kristin.

  6. Faith has always been important to me.

    1999 – Present

    I served as the Treasurer and Financial Secretary of Palm Beach Synagogue from 1999 to 2009 and as a Member of the Board of Directors . I am also a Charter Member of Chabad of Jupiter.


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40 years of solving problems has made me the perfect solution for yours.


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