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West Palm Beach High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

Need a high net worth divorce attorney? Experience matters.

If you need a high net worth divorce attorney in West Palm Beach Steve Winig is the lawyer you want on your side of the table.

Hiring a High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce is always an overwhelming and stressful time; dividing property and finances fairly is difficult for everyone. The situation becomes much more complex when multiple properties, extensive assets, complex alternative forms of ownership, or complex finances are involved.

You will need a highly qualified divorce attorney in West Palm Beach familiar with Palm Beach County Courts.

The first step in a high net worth divorce is creating an in-depth breakdown of assets and income, as well as liabilities and expenses. To divide assets fairly, it is necessary to define what resources should be split according to what both parties owned before their marriage, including stocks, trusts, and business assets, versus what assets were acquired during the marriage.

Winig Law will work with an experienced Forensic Accountant to ensure all assets are located and properly evaluated.

High Asset Cases

While the laws in Florida are the same in high asset cases as they are in low asset cases, high asset cases are often more complex in nature and require a great deal more financial analysis. Some contested cases may even require expert witnesses such as forensic accountants, business evaluators, and vocational experts.

Common Issues Involved in High Asset Cases:

  • Business Valuations
  • Division of Stock, Financial, and Retirement Accounts
  • Sale or Equitable Division of Multiple Properties
  • Trust Accounts

In high asset case, there is a lot at stake. It is all the more important to find a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer who is capable of protecting your assets. Winig Law is experienced in high asset cases and has the knowledge, effectiveness, and experience to represent you in your divorce.

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A High Net Worth Divorce Attorney You Can Trust

Stephen L. Winig, Esq. has been a divorce attorney in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas for forty years. He takes pride in the fact that Winig Law is, in every sense of the phrase, a “family practice.” Everyone walking through our door is afforded the same respect, fairness, and consideration as a trusted relative.

We know how delicate and deeply personal Family Law and Divorce issues are to our clients. We are honored you chose to turn to us.