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Parking Lot Falls In Florida

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All too often, parking lots are built and maintained under the assumption that they’re going to be used by vehicles only. Property owners seem to forget that these vehicles have people in them who will need to be provided with safe surfaces for walking to and from their cars. Parking lot falls are a common cause of injury, and if you have been hurt, Winig Law is here to represent you.


Parking lots receive both heavy vehicular traffic and heavy foot traffic, and they are usually exposed to the elements, including heat, cold, and precipitation. All of these factors can lead to wear and tear which can result in an injury-causing accident.

Conditions such as the following can prove particularly hazardous:

  • Potholes in areas where people are likely to walk
  • Slippery and icy walkways and stairs
  • Uneven pavement and blacktop


Both private and municipal parking lot owners have a responsibility to maintain their premises and fix defects. When they fail to do so, visitors who trip or are harmed by the defect can suffer serious injuries. Parking lot hazards can cause particularly severe harm to older people and people with underlying disabilities.

If you’ve slipped or tripped, fallen, and been injured in a public or private parking lot, our experienced legal team at Winig Law may be able to help you obtain compensation for your injuries through a premises liability claim. You can rely on us for solid advocacy after any sort of accident leading to injury.

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