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West Palm Beach Separation Attorney

Need a separation attorney? Experience matters.

Steve Wittig is a highly skilled separation attorney in West Palm Beach.

Separation in Florida

There are many reasons that couples may want to file for a legal separation before they go through with a divorce. In most cases, the two individuals want to begin living their lives separately, settling family and financial issues before filing for divorce. Most use separation as a trial run for a divorce, to be certain that divorce is the correct solution for the couple, leaving the option open to reconciling without the finality of a divorce.

While Florida does not recognize legal separation, it does create a situation that brings to the surface other potential legal issues. Utilization of child support and spousal support as well as timesharing and parenting plans for minor children is not uncommon.

If you are facing a separation and would like more information about your options, please contact Steve Winig, a leading divorce attorney in West Palm Beach.

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Stephen L. Winig, Esq. has been a family attorney in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas for forty years. He takes pride in the fact that Winig Law is, in every sense of the phrase, a “family practice.” Everyone walking through our door is afforded the same respect, fairness, and consideration as a trusted relative.

We know how delicate and deeply personal Family Law and Divorce issues are to our clients. We are honored you chose to turn to us.